Smile-K9 Dental Care for Cats & Dogs

Transform Your Pet's Dental Health with Smile-K9: The Ultimate Chicken-Flavoured Dental Care Paste!

Unlock the secret to impeccable oral hygiene for your dogs and cats with Smile-K9, an enzymatic toothpaste from A-OK9. Expertly blended with natural enzymes and a mild abrasive silica system, this chicken-flavoured paste is a game-changer in pet dental care.

Key Features of Smile-K9:

Enzyme-Powered Clean: Contains a potent enzyme complex including lactoperoxidase, known for inhibiting harmful bacterial activity, ensuring a healthier mouth.

Plaque and Tartar Control:The abrasive silica beads in Smile-K9 work gently yet effectively to combat plaque and tartar buildup, promoting a dazzling smile for your pet.

Fresh Breath, Healthier Gums: Zinc ions in the formula not only neutralize bad breath but also aid in collagen repair and wound healing, ensuring strong, healthy gums.

Easy and Enjoyable Usage:The delicious poultry flavour increases compliance, making dental care a treat for your pet.

Simple to Apply: Designed for daily use from 6 months of age. Apply directly to the gum line using a finger or toothbrush, tailored to your pet's size for optimal effectiveness.

Perfect Companion to Plaque-K9:When used alongsidePlaque-K9, Smile-K9 offers a comprehensive dental care routine, ensuring your pet's oral health is top-notch.

Choose Smile-K9 for a Brighter, Healthier Smile:Prioritise your pet's dental health with Smile-K9, the tasty, easy-to-use solution for maintaining pristine oral hygiene and a beaming grin from Fido (or Garfield) 🐈 🐶


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