Rescue-K9 Rapid Support

Introducing Rescue K9 Rapid Support - Your Pet's Emergency Digestive Aid

Rescue K9 Rapid Support is a fast-acting, complementary feed supplement designed to provide immediate relief and support for dogs and cats experiencing acute digestive distress. Available in convenient 30ml and 60ml sizes, this powerful formula is specifically crafted to stabilize gut flora and promote rapid recovery from diarrhea.

Key Features:

1. Gut Flora Stabilisation: Contains Enterococcus faecium DSM 10663/NCIMB 10415, a probiotic that helps restore balance to your pet's digestive system.

2. Soothing Ingredients: Bentonite acts as a binder to help firm stools, while L-Glutamine supports intestinal health.

3. Electrolyte Balance: Carefully formulated with essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, chloride, and magnesium to prevent dehydration.

4. Easy Administration: The liquid formula can be given directly into your pet's mouth, ensuring quick and efficient delivery of vital nutrients.

5. Versatile Use: Suitable for both dogs and cats of all sizes, with a simple dosage guide based on weight.

Usage Instructions:
Administer twice daily directly into your pet's mouth for 1-7 days, following the weight-based dosage chart provided. For pets under 5kg, use 2ml; 5-15kg, use 3ml; 15-30kg, use 5ml; and over 30kg, use 7ml.

Rescue K9 Rapid Support is the ideal solution for pet owners seeking a natural, effective way to address acute digestive issues in their furry companions. With its carefully selected ingredients and easy-to-use format, you can provide your pet with fast relief and support their journey back to optimal digestive health.



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