Case Study: Castle's transformation with Calm-K9

“I didn’t know if he would be able to ever be off a lead with other dogs…but he is hardly recognisable! I’m amazed.My dog is so happy because he is free to be him.” - Sam, Castle's owner

Case Study: How Castle the Labrador overcame his debilitating condition with Calm-K9

Recently,  Sam got in touch with us to let us know about her Labrador puppy, Castle, and the worrying time they had faced together before using Calm-K9.

Sam's heartbreaking account of the struggles she and Castle had faced really touched us and, with Sam’s permission, we are sharing Castle’s story below:


Castle the black labrador on a woodland walk


"Dear A-OK9,


I am more than happy to review Calm-K9, but it seems an inadequate way of reviewing this item given the history of my beautiful Labrador Castle who has had quite a journey and I felt that this and his story should be shared with you.


I brought Castle home at 8 weeks old and he seemed perfectly healthy with the exception of the occasional tummy upset. So, he had his vaccinations and we started walks at 12 weeks old.

            “He collapsed sideways and appeared to stop breathing”


At 14 weeks old, whilst on his lead, he walked up to a man with a dog. Without any warning, he collapsed sideways and appeared to stop breathing. A few minutes later, he jumped up (rather bewildered) and carried on like it hadn’t happened.


As a new puppy mum, I had no idea what happened. I was just happy he was fine and carried on with his walk which was otherwise uneventful.


But, just one week later, a similar situation occurred and he collapsed again, with no warning and no sound. Again, after the collapse, he jumped up - fully recovered.


 I contacted the vet, who couldn’t explain it. But as Castle developed over the next two months it seemed that whenever he was excited, especially meeting people or dogs, he seemed to make a  sound like a pig with asthma! This was followed by hyperventilating which, if prolonged, led to him collapsing. Afterwards, he would be very bewildered and confused.



“He made a sound like a pig with asthma…and this was followed by hyperventilating and would lead to him collapsing”


Castle underwent continual investigations by the Vet and at 6 months was referred to a top veterinary hospital for heart and throat checks. 


 It appeared that when Castle was excited about meeting anyone (dog or human!), his larynx collapsed. He was basically suffocating, hence the noise and hyperventilating. Castle always recovered from them but at the time the vet did not know whether Castle would survive all the episodes, and so I was advised to try and avoid contact with other dogs.


            "the vet did not know whether Castle would survive all the episodes, and so I was advised to try and avoid contact with other dogs."


Let me put this into perspective: we are talking about a dog who could not be with other dogs. Castle also had limited exposure to other dogs and situations incase he collapsed, and therefore he couldn't attend puppy classes or have the normal life you would expect for a puppy. On top of this, we have lived a lockdown life due to the Covid pandemic. I know how badly this as affected many people but it has had its own impact on young dogs who need the opportunity to socialise.


He turned 2 last August and not long after that I read up about Calm-K9 having seen it online a few times.





“Was I expecting good results? Honestly? No. But I thought – other than some money – what do I really have to lose?”


But 1st October 2020, I started Castle on Calm-K9, I also followed your recommendations of training alongside the supplement, and decided to change all his usual training commands and use different words so I was almost retraining him. Was I expecting good results? Honestly, no but I thought - other than some more money - what do I really have to lose?


By 1st November I noticed that Castle was able to focus more, even when he saw another dog. A couple of weeks later, rather than just chasing off and bouncing over to another dog to play, his approach was calmer, he was able to greet, say hello and then play in a much more normal manner.


I could also get him to come away from the dog and walk away. I have never been able to do this before! Previously, Castle couldn’t even hear me to respond, he was too stimulated and excited.


By December, I noticed more changes, I could tell him to leave when he saw things. We saw an army vehicle which, beforehand, he would have chased. But he ignored it.  He has also improved with runners and bikes too - so much improvement from where he was.


Now, although Castle still makes the throaty noise when over excited, and I can tell he is getting a bit dizzy if the situation is prolonged, he hasn’t collapsed at all since he started Calm-K9. His vomiting has also radically decreased. 


"He has improved so much and is living a much more normal life."


He has improved so much and is living a much more normal life. I am not avoiding or having to avoid situations anymore!  Castle loves everyone, but he is a totally changed dog compared to the one he was, and he is living a better life. He is still work in progress, but aren’t they all! And Castle has had many setbacks so I wouldn’t expect him to have it all together just yet, much of his teaching has been delayed by his condition. 


My point is that I didn’t know if he would be able to ever be off a lead with other dogs, or if he would be okay. I have seen him in very bad ways when collapsing and it’s not nice for him or his family to experience, it’s pretty alarming to onlookers who see it happen.


So, with all this in mind, I couldn’t write an online review, I needed to send a testimony about the results to date of Calm-K9.


“When I go for a walk with Castle, sometimes I say to my daughter “Is that my dog?!" He is hardly recognisable! I’m amazed. Calm-K9 is amazing and, more than that, my dog is so happy because he is free to be him. So, Thank You!”


I have attached a picture of my boy, I’m so grateful and thankful that I saw the advert online and took the step to try it. A-OK9 works and the connection of brain and gut health is so evident in the results of my dog's health."






If you, like Sam, would like to harness the power of the brain-gut relationship to see real results with your dog's calmness, head over to the Calm-K9 product page. Calm-K9 is suitable for all dogs from 6 months onwards. We also have a Calm-K9 supplement specifically for Senior dogs - Calm-K9 Senior Boost! 

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