The Ultimate Winter Wellness Bundle

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Introducing The Ultimate Winter Wellness Bundle! We’ve taken care of all the

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Introducing The Ultimate Winter Wellness Bundle!

We’ve taken care of all the guesswork, cost, sourcing and quantities of these transformational ingredients and created a bespoke wellness bundle so that you can support your dog from the inside out with just a few scoops a day.

With a combination of these specially blended and selected superfoods, your dog will be getting the wellness boost they deserve without the bulk feeding that would be usually needed to achieve these results through food alone.

**Please note, the reason we have been able to provide this bundle at such an AMAZING price is that some of the 'Best Before' dates are not as long as we would usually aim to provide in our wellness supplements. However, you can rest assured that everything in this bundle will be within date (expiring no sooner than March 2023) and safe for your four-legged friends to consume as part of their diets. 

If you've been waiting for the right time to test one of the supplements in this bundle, then NOW is the time!

 Just Some of the benefits of the Superfoods you’ll be feeding:

  • Microbiome-Boosting Pre & Probiotics
Happy Gut = Happy Dog! Overall physical and mental wellness is closely linked to gut wellness and the wellbeing of the micro-organisms that live within your dog’s digestive tract.
Adding pre and probiotics to support the wellbeing of this microbiome in turn supports your dog’s gut wellness and general wellbeing! Sources of pre and probiotics include vegetables, yogurt and kefir or the pre and probiotics can be added to your dog’s food in the raw form.
  • Stool Supporting Fibres & Clay!

Healthy Stool = Happy Gut = Happy dog! Incorporating natural fibres and clays that bulk and maintain solid faeces as well support gut integrity in turn promotes gut wellness!

  • Transformational Turmeric & Black Pepper!

     Science has proven that Turmeric supports the natural anti-inflammatory processes within the joint and promotes joint wellness generally in all ages. Turmeric contains 5% Curcumin, which is the main active ingredient, best known for its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects!

  • Superfood SPIRULINA!

    Nutrient-dense, vitamin and mineral-rich and antioxidant-packed for all-round wellness in dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes!


 See what others have said:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Fab! I  absolutely recommend this product. The Probio-K9 helps Eddy's anal glands healthy and the Prime keeps his coat shiny and his eyes twinkling. 

- Richard, UK

 What Do You Get in the box?


Standalone price: £37.49


Standalone price: £37.49


Standalone price: £37.49


Standalone price: £17.00

TOTAL VALUE: £129.47

With Discount Today: £59.97

 As we are sure you’ve figured out, the bundle provides a huge discount whilst also providing all you could need to look after your dog’s wellbeing. Get your bundle today!



  • There’s a lesson for that

    Karl achieved off-leash freedom!

    Owner, Lynn said “We are going through a unsettled time at the moment, we are moving and there are lots of different people in our house as well as cars, noises etc. it’s not easy but I would not like to think of how he would be without Calm-K9.”

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  • There’s a lesson for that

    Mabel learned she didn’t need to get involved with every dog on her walk!

    Owner, Maria said “Such a big improvement already – I can tell that this is really going to facilitate her training and allow her to focus more! We will definitely be continuing”

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