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Barking Solutions for Right Now

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Barking Solutions for the Long Term

Get Calm K9


Made with all natural ingredients (NO DRUGS!) this superfood calming supplement helps to support Gut, Brain and Training for calm, focused dogs.

Add a scoop of Calm-K9 to your dog’s daily food and see an increase in their calmness and reduction in barking.

A Quieter Companion For LIFE

Get Triple Calm


A “whole dog” approach to reducing barking - science based and proven to get results.

✅ CALM training package delivered by AbsoluteDogs - A completely online training course to give you and your dog the skills to be calm in any situation (Value £147.00)

✅ A pouch of CALM K9 Our proven Gut and Brain Wellness supplement (Value £37.49)

✅ One K9-CALM Mat to feed your dog the supplement and engage their brain while eating (Value £4.99)

✅ The Emergency Barking Toolkit eBook

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