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Discover the team of experts and the ethos behind everything we do at A-OK9.

  • Who we are

    Dr Tom Mitchell BSc BVSc MRCVS

    World-renowned dog trainer, veterinarian, best-selling author, veterinarian, and behaviourist. Tom has a passion for supporting dogs from the outside-in through transformational behaviour and veterinary plans and from the inside-out with nutrition and superfood innovation!

  • Who we are

    Lauren Langman

    Agility Crufts champion and world-renowned dog trainer, Lauren has a passion for supporting dogs and owners to reach happiness and the relationships that we know are possible - the right superfoods is key to that!


    A Team of Expert Nutritionists

    At the core of every superfood innovation is expert knowledge, research and general wizadry to make each and every supplement solution here at A-OK9 tasty, effective, all-natural and high quality!

  • Our approach

    Helping you to become your dog’s health hero

    We live and breathe dogs, and know what does and doesn’t work for them. Through our experience in behaviour, canine science and nutrition, we identified the need for something extra to unlock new levels of wellness and happiness. So we formulated an innovative range of superfood blends that support your dog naturally from the inside-out, freeing you up to give them the love and training from the outside-in!

We believe that all dogs deserve

  • Quality Ingedients

    All of our products are 100% natural, non-sedative and supported by research.

  • Products Made by Experts

    Our products have been formulated by our team of vets, champion trainers and nutritionists.

  • Superfood Innovations

    We unlock the superpower secrets of Nature so you can support your dog from the inside-out.

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Products worth a barking about


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  • KL
    Kei. L
    Verified Buyer


    Beats the California Heat

    All 4 of my boys love Fresh-K9. On extra hot summer days here in California, or on days when we’re out and more active, I love it too. It gives me so much peace of mine knowing they are staying well hydrated.

  • CL
    Caroline Logsdail
    Verified Buyer



    I love this product! My dog is sooo super shiny, and whilst I take care of his coat, Prime-K9 certainly helps us out. Dazzling, sparkly teeth too. He's like a walking, furry disco ball! 😊🐾

  • KL
    Kelly Lord
    Verified Buyer



    I have tried everything (supplements, different foods, more food, less food, prescription medication in various increasing doses, calm sprays, calm additives, more exercise, less exercise, getting another dog friend, counterconditioning/desensitization protocols, relaxation protocols and help from every type of trainer I have access to) and nothing makes a dent in my boys anxiety. He's 9, I was convinced his life would be strict management and specific walks with specific dogs. I saw an ad for calm k9 and decided to try it because the worst that could happen is it also makes no difference. He's been on it two weeks and I have been watching for signs it doesn't work, because I'm skeptical like that. He's a different dog. He used to run from children. He only played with me for 5 minutes in the morning. He wasn't a chewy dog, he wouldn't chew on anything ever. He alarm barked at everything and its close to impossible to calm him down. He wouldn't approach people and barks and growls if they looked at him. He's played with my 10 month old puppy 3 times in 8 months. He would stand the entire car ride anytime we went anywhere. In the past two weeks he has walked nicely by 4 young children without growling or even looking at them. He played tug with the puppy. He asks to play with me at random times with random toys. He's decided to chew nylabones. He greeted a coworker today at the house with minimal barking and even accepted pets. He sleeps in the car even if we're going for our first walk of the morning. He does bark ALL the time, but he listens so much better. I can only trust that flexi k9 and prime k9 have the same fantastic benefits.

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