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PROBIO-K9 - Multibuy - 5 Pouches

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**Brand New Product!**

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Tummy troubles and unpleasant stools . Theres a scoop for that!


**Brand New Product!**


Changes in bowel movements and stool quality are a common challenge, whether triggered by stress, a sensitive tummy, insufficient dietary fibre or simply the result of a penchant for eating unsavoury things.


At A-OK9, we believe that a happy gut creates a happy dog, promoting overall wellbeing and vitality. 


Thats why our team of vets and nutritionists developed Probio-K9. In a scoop-a-day, Probio-K9 harnesses the power of….


  • Multiple strains of probiotic in an industry-leading combination for the love of dogs
  • Prebiotics to further nurture the gut microbiome
  • Stool Forming Fibres and Clay to improve the bulk, consistency and regularity of stools (Healthy Stool = Happy Gut!) and bind toxins
  • Immune-boosting Beta Glucans supporting faecal consistency and reducing odour

….As well as other gamechanger ingredients and superfoods!


How much does my dog need and how do I give?


Simply sprinkle the powder over your dogs normal meal, once a day OR combine with some wet food and give as a treat on an A-OK9 Calm Mat.


Dog's weight: Probio-K9 Measurement:


 0.5 scoop


 1 scoop


 2 scoops


 2.5 scoops



Whats in the product?


Ingredient: Composition per 100g serving:

Oat Bran






L-Glutamic Acid


Zinc Oxide


Bioplex Iron




Lactobacillus Acidophilus

3x1010 CFU

Entereococcus Faecium

5.6x1010 CFU

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Michelle C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

Three stars because my dog ate it, and it didn't make things worse, but there is no change in her itch or digestive issues

Rebecca p.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I recommend this product

One of my have always tended to have loose stools. Since using this faeces are normal.

  • There’s a lesson for that

    Karl achieved off-leash freedom!

    Owner, Lynn said “We are going through a unsettled time at the moment, we are moving and there are lots of different people in our house as well as cars, noises etc. it’s not easy but I would not like to think of how he would be without Calm-K9.”

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  • There’s a lesson for that

    Mabel learned she didn’t need to get involved with every dog on her walk!

    Owner, Maria said “Such a big improvement already – I can tell that this is really going to facilitate her training and allow her to focus more! We will definitely be continuing”

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