Could Calm-K9 Help Calm Your Dog?

An all-natural, non-sedative dietary supplement for dogs that bark, lunge or lack focus. 

  • High-quality natural ingredients 

  • Ongoing support - CALM-K9 can be given on an ongoing basis to support your training and lifelong relationship!

  • Rapid Acting - Some changes seen straight away (others can take up to 50 days).

  • Suitable for all dogs - Whatever the breed, age or size.

  • Works with any diet - just add a scoop to their food.

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How Could Calm-K9 Help Your Dog?

The "Basic" Answer

There’s an important interaction between a dog’s GUT HEALTH and their BRAIN HEALTH.

How the brain feels, can be improved by what’s in the gut!

When a dog’s Brain and gut health are on point, they’re calmer, they focus on training better and guess what… THEY BARK LESS!

CALM-K9 was formulated by a vet and team of nutritionists as a convenient and natural way to boost your dog’s brain and gut wellness.

The "Sciency" Answer

There are three aspects that can affect barking:




We tend to place more emphasis on TRAINING so the other two may surprise you!

Believe it or not, brain and gut wellness have a huge impact. And it’s the interaction between the brain and gut that is particularly significant!


There are two key ‘neurotransmitters,’ in the brain that are important:

GABA, a neurotransmitter which provides a calming effect on the brain and body.

SEROTONIN, which helps to stabilise moods, regulate anxiety, control sleep and regulate feelings of well-being and happiness.


Good bacteria in the gut impact neurotransmitter creation and even directly signal the brain itself.What’s in our dog’s gut can directly affect how the brain feels! (That’s why so many dogs have been transformed through feeding the CALM-K9 supplement!)

You can see how with this delicate interconnected relationship, if our dog's gut health isn’t on point then that affects the brain, and if our dog’s brain isn’t in a good place then this can directly result in more BARKING!

AND… we can see even with the best training in the world, if brain and gut health aren’t in harmony then the our dogs are less likely to respond well and give us the outcome we’re hoping for… Less barking!







If your dog is on behaviour medications, epilepsy medications or other drugs that act on your dog's brain, consult your veterinarian before starting CALM-K9 use.

Who Are We?

CALM-K9 is brought to you by A-OK9 - A specialist nutrition company for dogs founded by Dr Tom Mitchell and Lauren Langman

Tom and Lauren are the brains behind Absolute Dogs – a revolutionary games-based dog training movement.

After helping hundreds of thousands of dog-owners worldwide, they saw thetransformational benefits their games-based training methods had.

They realised that the games not only improved training, but also a dog’s brain and gut health! 

This lead them to do something BIG and work a team of nutritionists, to formulate CALM-K9, a natural powder specifically designed to support the training and owning of dogs.

Dr Tom Mitchell BSc BVSc MRCVS

World-renowned dog trainer, veterinarian, best-selling author and behaviourist. Tom has a passion for supporting dogs from the outside-in through transformational behaviour and veterinary plans and from the inside-out with nutrition and superfood innovation!

Lauren Langman

Agility Crufts Championand world-renowned dog trainer, Lauren has a passion for supporting dogs and owners to reach happiness and the relationships that we know are possible - the right superfoods are key to that!

Has this helped to calm other dogs?

Absolutely! CALM-K9 has helped thousands of Dogs and their owners all over the world! have scroll through a few of our 5 star reviews:

What Have Other Dog Owners Seen with Calm-K9?

A reduction in BARKING, lunging and general "REACTIVITY"...

A dog that actually listens...

An end to crazy pulling on the lead...

Calm behaviour around visitors to your home...

AND - A dog that chooses THEM over the other dog, squirrel, cyclists the child playing ball and any other distraction!

Try Calm-K9 Today!

  • High-quality natural ingredients 

  • CALM-K9 can be given on anongoing basis to support your training and lifelong relationship!

  • Rapid Acting - Some changes seen straight away (others can take up to 50 days).

  • Suitable for all dogs - Whatever the breed, age or size.

  • Works with any diet - just add a scoop to their food

 25% Off your First Purchase

Regular price £37.49 - Now Just