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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to work?

We’ve used a combo of rapid-acting and slow-acting properties, which means some changes may be seen straight away with other effects taking longer. The best thing? It can be used indefinitely for continued support!

2. Does it work for all dogs?

Whatever the breed, age or size of your dog – they all share this impactful relationship between brain and gut health and behaviour!

3. Does it matter what else you’re feeding your dog?

Feed your dog a healthy diet and add in just a scoop-a-day! It supplements their normal daily diet to give them everything they need for a happier life!

4. Will it help my specific dog training struggle?

If you’re doing all the right things and not seeing the results you want, your dog’s challenging behaviour could be a consequence of a brain & gut foundation needing support. By supporting brain and gut, you might see great improvements and find that there have been many training successes hidden until now!

5. What if I don't see results?

Every dog is different - we get that! That's why we love them! If after 50 days you're not seeing the transformation in your dog's behaviour, we'll direct you to some training resources that might help you further.

6. How much powder will my dog need? And how long will a pouch last?

Check out how much your dog weighs and the amount needed:

> 0-10kg (22lbs): Half a teaspoon daily, lasting 100 days!

> 10-20kg (22lbs-44lbs): 1 teaspoon daily, lasting 50 days!

> 20-40kg (44-88lbs): 2 teaspoons daily, lasting 25 days!

> 40kg+ (88lbs+): 2 and a half teaspoons daily, lasting 20 days

7. My dog takes medication for his behaviour/epilepsy/other disease, is CALM-K9 fine to give as well?

If your dog is on behaviour medications, epilepsy medications or other drugs that act on your dog's brain, or if you are unsure about the medication that your dog is on, consult your veterinarian before starting Calm-K9. Every dog is different and so your vet would be best placed to determine if your dog can have Calm-K9 if on medications.

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