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CALM-K9 has been specifically formulated by vet, behaviourist, trainers and a team

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Calm-K9 (1 Pot)

What’s your dream? Being calmer? Less “reactive”?

CALM-K9 has been specifically formulated by vet, behaviourist, trainers and a team of nutritionists to provide natural support to your training by helping to support your dog’s brain and gut microbiome. Your dog’s brain and gut impact on their behaviour, which can limit training progress and seem like you aren’t making any progress at all at times. But, to make sure your training is on the right track, we send you a free training ebook with every pot! By considering these pieces of the puzzle along with training, you can move closer to your dog’s transformation potential. Or simply more able to have a relationship with you that you dream of and that made you get a dog in the first place?

CALM-K9 – A calming dietary supplement for dogs that bark, lunge, or lack focus.

  • 3-Step multi-targeted approach to dog behaviour transformation:your dog’s BRAIN, GUT and TRAINING!
  • High-quality natural ingredients – made with mood-boosting Tryptophan, a gut supporting probiotic, soothing L-glutamic Acid, and calming Passiflora and Lemon Balm.
  • Rapid-acting – some changes seen straight away with full transformation taking place after 50 days of use.
  • Ongoing support - CALM-K9 can be given on an ongoing basis to support them through life’s unexpected events and to support your training and lifelong relationship!
  • Helps all dogs – whatever the breed, age or size of your dog!
  • Works with any diet – feed your dog a healthy diet and add in just a scoop-a-day!

What does my dog need?

Calm-K9 is fed by body weight. Your dog only needs a small amount once daily.

How much does your dog weigh?

  • 0-10kg (22lbs): Half a teaspoon daily
  • 10-20kg (22lbs-44lbs): 1 teaspoon daily
  • 20-40kg (44-88lbs): 2 teaspoons daily
  • 40kg+ (88lbs+): 2 and a half teaspoons daily
Composition per 2g Teaspoon
L-Tryptophan 250mg
Enterococcus Faecium Probiotic 3x10 11 CFU/kg
L-Glutamic Acid 100mg
Lemon Balm Extract 25mg
Passiflora 100mg

If your dog is on behaviour medications, epilepsy medications or other drugs that act on your dog’s brain, consult your veterinarian before starting CALM-K9 use.

  • There’s a lesson for that

    Karl achieved off-leash freedom!

    Owner, Lynn said “We are going through a unsettled time at the moment, we are moving and there are lots of different people in our house as well as cars, noises etc. it’s not easy but I would not like to think of how he would be without Calm-K9.”

    See full Case Study
  • There’s a lesson for that

    Mabel learned she didn’t need to get involved with every dog on her walk!

    Owner, Maria said “Such a big improvement already – I can tell that this is really going to facilitate her training and allow her to focus more! We will definitely be continuing”

    See full Case Study

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