Do you need a Probiotic supplement for your dog? Runny poops are not fun for anyone!

Whether triggered by stress, a sensitive tummy or just insufficient dietary fibre, PROBIO-K9 will get your dogs movements back on track for a happier dog and owner!

At A-OK9, we believe that a happy gut creates a happy dog, promoting overall wellbeing and vitality.

Give PROBIO-K9 daily to your dog and see the results for yourself!


Our team of vets and nutritionists developed a Probiotic that not only supports the gut, but gives a wealth of superfoods for that additional pop of vitality!

Whats in the PROBIO-K9 Supplement?

  • Multiple strains of probiotic in an industry-leading combination for the love of dogs
  • Prebioticsto further nurture the gut microbiome
  • Stool Forming Fibres and Clay to improve the bulk, consistency and regularity of stools (Healthy Stool = Happy Gut!) and bind toxins
  • Immune-boosting Beta Glucans supporting faecal consistency and reducing odour

.As well as other gamechanger ingredients and superfoods!

How much does my dog need and how do I give?

Simply sprinkle the powder over your dog's normal meal, once a day OR combine with some wet food and give as a treat on an A-OK9 Calm Mat.

Dogs Weight 

Probio-K9 Measurement 

How Long Will A Pouch Last

Small dog, 0 - 10kg

½ Scoop

100 Days

Medium dog, 11 - 20kg

1 Scoops

50 Days

Large dog, 21 - 40kg

2 Scoops

25 Days

Extra large dog, 41kg

2.5 Scoops

20 Days

Whats in the product?


Composition per 100g:

Oat Bran






L-Glutamic Acid


Zinc Oxide


Bioplex Iron




Lactobacillus Acidophilus

3x1010 CFU

Entereococcus Faecium

5.6x1010 CFU


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