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'Chilled and Occupied' Puppy Box

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 We’ve taken care of all the guesswork, cost, sourcing and quantities of

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In the bespoke ‘Chilled and Occupied’ puppy wellness box, we’ve combined our biggest game-changers for supporting your puppy’s calmness and complete nutrition, as well as keeping those little paws busy!

 We’ve taken care of all the guesswork, cost, sourcing and quantities of these transformational ingredients and created a bespoke wellness box so that you can support your pup from the inside out with just a few scoops a day.

 With a combination of these specially blended and selected superfoods, your dog will be getting the wellness boost they deserve without the bulk feeding that would be usually needed to achieve these results through food alone.

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 Just Some of the benefits of the Superfoods you’ll be feeding:

  • Mood-Boosting L-Tryptophan

L-tryptophan is an amino acid and is the building block of serotonin - “the happy chemical” - that it gets converted to in the brain! Serotonin is useful in confidence, optimism and calmness!

  • Microbiome-Boosting Probiotics
Happy Gut = Happy Dog! Overall physical and mental wellness is closely linked to gut wellness and the wellbeing of the micro-organisms that live within your dog’s digestive tract.
Adding pre and probiotics to support the wellbeing of this microbiome in turn supports your dog’s gut wellness and general wellbeing!
  • Super Power Spirulina

Spirulina is a form of algae, considered one of the most nutrient-dense foods on earth! It has powerful antioxidant properties and supports the natural anti-inflammatory process, which makes it one of our general wellness musts for every dog! Scientific evidence has also suggested that it has anti-cancer properties!

  • Vitamin C

As puppies grow and go through the stresses of early life, they can benefit from extra anti-oxidant support. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and immune system supporter of extra benefit to puppies and senior dogs specifically!

 Occupy Your Puppy for Success!

Puppies can get up to all kinds of mischief, but did you know that there are certain activities you can occupy them with that actually grow calmness! Smearing some of their daily food or a tasty treat onto lockable K9 Calm Mat harnesses the natural calming effect of licking and keeps them busy and out of mischief!

 The K9-Calm mat is loved by A-OK9 customers and is used as both as a handy way to feed the supplements, and a fun lickable treat for enrichment.

Use the mat with wet food by simply smearing on to the mat and sprinkling the supplements on top! Dogs love the challenge of getting every last drop.

 What Do You Get in the box?


Standalone price: £37.49


Standalone price: £37.49

K9-Calm Mats (x3)

Standalone price: £14.97



With Discount Today: £64

+ Save an EXTRA 15% with Subscribe and Save!

 As we are sure you’ve figured out, the box provides a huge discount whilst also providing all you could need to look after your dog’s wellbeing. Get your box today!

 How much do I feed?

Dog’s Weight

Prime-K9 Measurement

Calm-K9 Measurement


1 scoop

½ teaspoon


2 scoops

1 teaspoon


4 scoops

2 teaspoons


4 scoops

2 ½ teaspoons


Ingredients Table


Composition per 2g serving:

Brewers Yeast


Dried Egg Powder


Kelp Seaweed






Psyllium Husks




Brocolli Powder




Vitamin C


Vitamin E


Co-enzyme Q10


Vitamin B1


Vitamin B2


Vitamin B3


Vitamin B5


Vitamin B6




Vitamin B12


Folic Acid




Composition per 2g Teaspoon

Passiflora Incarnata Powder




L-Glutamic Acid


Lemon Balm Extract


Enterococcus Faecium

3x10 11 CFU/kg

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Kati T.
Switzerland Switzerland
I recommend this product
My puppy would not touch Prime

Very disappointed: I have been trying to make my puppy eat Prime with various foods. He just hates it, even though he eats everything else. And the mats are useless: he is unable to lick food out of this type of mats. (he has other types from which he is able to get the food.) A total waste of money for me. (I bought another product from A-OK9 which he likes and worked very effectively. But I will not buy this product again.

A-OK9 'Chilled and Occupied' Puppy Box Review

Hey Kati! Thank you so much for your review. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been able to get the full A-OK9 experience this time. It's not uncommon for some dogs not to want to eat supplements in their food, so sometimes we have to employ a little subterfuge! In fact, we have written a blog about some helpful ways to get 'selective' dogs to eat the supplements! Read all about it here: https://a-ok9.com/blogs/blog/top-5-supplement-feeding-tips. I hope that helps you to get the value out of your pouch of Prime, but please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@a-ok9.com if we can offer any more support/help! Thanks, Madeleine

  • There’s a lesson for that

    Karl achieved off-leash freedom!

    Owner, Lynn said “We are going through a unsettled time at the moment, we are moving and there are lots of different people in our house as well as cars, noises etc. it’s not easy but I would not like to think of how he would be without Calm-K9.”

    See full Case Study
  • There’s a lesson for that

    Mabel learned she didn’t need to get involved with every dog on her walk!

    Owner, Maria said “Such a big improvement already – I can tell that this is really going to facilitate her training and allow her to focus more! We will definitely be continuing”

    See full Case Study

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