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Help Your Dog Stop Pulling On Lead...

Your dog's behaviour (and happiness) is massively impacted by their brain and gut wellbeing.

Most dog owners don’t know this – or at least aren’t aware that they can do anything about it.

We created Calm-K9 to make it easy to support your dog’s brain and gut wellbeing with just a scoop-a-day.

We know the science that makes this work, and we know from hundreds of dog owners who’ve tried it that it works for them. Their dogs have gone from pulling on lead, to calm, loose-leash walking.

That’s why we came up with our "Let Your Dog Try It" offer – to help more people discover the benefits of Calm-K9 for themselves.

Click the button below, register your email for your discount, and then let your dog try it!

Try Calm K9 with £10 off with our "Let Your Dog Try It" Offer

Try Calm-K9 and start to see the benefits of helping your dog's brain and gut well-being, and how it can transform your training.

What's in Calm-K9?

 Composition per 2g Teaspoon


Enterococcus Faecium Probiotic

3x10 11 CFU/kg

L-Glutamic Acid


Lemon Balm Extract




If your dog is on behaviour medications, epilepsy medications or other drugs that act on your dog's brain, consult your veterinarian before starting CALM-K9 use.

How Much Does My Dog Need?

Calm-K9 is fed by body weight. Your dog only needs a small amount once daily! (One pot contains about 50 teaspoons.)

How much does your dog weigh?

> 0-10kg (22lbs): Half a teaspoon daily! - [one pot will last 100 days]

> 10-20kg (22lbs-44lbs): 1 teaspoon daily! - [one pot will last 50 days]

> 20-40kg (44-88lbs): 2 teaspoons daily! [one pot will last 25 days]

> 40kg+ (88lbs+): 2 and a half teaspoons daily! [one pot will last 20 days]

Want to know More?

Read more about Calm-K9 here

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