About Us

Meet the Makers of CALM-K9

Tom Mitchell is a world-renowned dog trainer, best-selling author, veterinarian, and behaviourist.

Lauren Langman is a world-class agility handler and dog trainer, with the biggest dog training centre in the U.K.

We’re Tom and Lauren, the brains behind Absolute Dogs – a revolutionary games-based dog training movement. Between our books, DVDs, online teaching and through the Pro Dog Trainer instructors we’ve certified,  over 100,000 dog-owners worldwide have seen the transformational benefits of our games-based methods.

NOW, working with a leading dog nutritionist, we’ve formulated a vet-recommended product to help tame any bad behaviour and give you the opportunity to have the relationship you deserve with your dog.

We Believe In

Whole Dog Approach

Whether your dog struggles with pulling on lead, barking and lunging or simply being a little overexcited, a whole dog approach, factoring in rebalances of the brain-gut-behaviour interaction ensures a long, happy, healthy and stress-free life for your dog (and you!).    

Pawsitive Relationships

When the brain-gut-behaviour balance gets disrupted, these problems are self-perpetuating – entering a vicious cycle of worsening behaviour and health and, in turn, even worse behaviour. By helping to balance your dog’s health we can reverse the negative spin, and help you have the dog-owner relationship you dream of.

Simple Solutions

We live and breathe dog health and behaviour – we know what works and what doesn’t. Through our experience in dog training, we identified the need for something extra to help with those ‘naughty but nice’ dogs! This led us to innovate CALM-K9 – working with your dog’s natural ability to heal and balance itself, it helps to make “reactivity” a thing of the past.