K9 Summer Box

Grab your new summer essentials while stocks last !!

Our all new Summer box offers you big savings of £37.96

1 x full size pouch of FRESH-K9

Are they drinking enough during exercise, hot days or when travelling? 

Is your dog a sports dog or simply super active ?

This is exactly why we developed FRESH-K9, a highly palatable energy, electrolyte and rehydration drink for your dog! Simply add a 1-2 tablespoons of the tasty powder to water, shake in a bottle, pour in a bowl and watch your dog actively choose to stay hydrated!

One of our Fabulous FRESH-K9 Shaker bottles 

Make sure to take your Fresh-K9 water bottle!!

This fun and versatile bottle is light weight, portable and a 3 in 1 must-have for any dog owner. Designed to hold 500ml of water with the added extra of 2 additional compartments. Why not combine with our popular Fresh-K9 rehydration supplement, then you can be assured your lovely canine companion is being looked after. Add your Fresh-K9 supplement into the handy compartment ready to shake and go when needed. There will be no need to pack endless items! Grab your bottle full of fresh water, pop your Fresh-K9 supplement in the middle compartment and lastly add some treats in the bottom and you’re good to go!!! 

Fresh-K9 collapsible Water/Feed/ supplement Bowl

A Must have on your travels out and about for all dogs.

Perfect for hiking this foldable and easily portable bowl is great for out and about and on the road. Don't leave home without it !! The Fresh portable bowl is Lightweight and easy to carry with a Climbing clip attached.Combined with our Fresh-K9 Shaker bottle we have you covered and your canine essentials are complete.

Plus a super-absorbent K9 Gleam Towel worth £17, perfect to soak in cool water and apply to your dog's back to keep them cool in hot weather.

This amazing bundle is delivered to you in an insulated bag, perfect for keeping your k9 summer essentials cool on a warm day!


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