Wet Food Squeezer Bottle (2-pack)

Wet-food treats? There's a squeezer for that!

Is your dog primarily fed wet food? Do you find it hard to get them to work for kibble during training? Well... we have the answer! Introducing the wet food squeezer from A-OK9! This squeezable silicone bottle is the ideal treat dispenser for dogs who are fed wet food. 

  •  Portable pocket-sized bottle makes it easy to carry on walks
  •  2-pack as standard means one to wash and one to use!
  •  A mess-free solution to wet food treats
  •  The ideal way to combine wet food and A-OK9 supplements for use on-the-go!
  •  Dishwasher safe

      These bottles are a MUST-HAVE to level-up your rewards. 

      Curious about how to use the squeezer bottle? It couldn't be easier! To use the bottle: 

      1. Remove the top
      2. Prepare your preferred wet food 
      3. Add supplements (if using) and combine with the wet food
      4. Use a fork or spoon to fill the squeezer
      5. Replace the lid
      6. Gently squeeze the bottle until the food begins to come out of the top.
      7. Let your dog lick the food as it comes out of the nozzle!


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