Calm-K9 - Multibuy - 3 Pouches

CALM-K9 is a natural calming dog supplement that has been specifically formulated by a vet behaviourist, trainers and a team of nutritionists to provide support to your dog’s training and behaviour transformation whilst helping them in times of need.

When given daily, CALM-K9 provides ongoing support for life’s unexpected and sometimes stressful events such as fireworks and new situations and the common ones like meeting other dogs on a walk or being left home alone.

This calming supplement specifically targets your dog’s brain and gut health with proven results to improve reactivity struggles such as barking, lunging and lack of focus.

With so many calm dog supplements on the market, why choose CALM-K9? 

Our carefully researched and high quality natural ingredients have worked to transform thousands of dogs and improve their quality of life. Our key Ingredients include:

  • Mood-boosting Tryptophan to relax and calm
  • Gut supporting and soothing probiotic L-glutamic Acid
  • Calming Passiflora and Lemon Balm

We know that your dog’s brain and gut health impact on their behaviour and these key ingredients are designed to impact the gut and in turn the brain.


How quickly will CALM-K9 work? 

CALM-K9 is usually rapid acting and some changes can be seen straight away. But just like humans, all dogs are different and others may see improvements after 50 days.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"Being sceptical I held back from rating until I finished the first carton. My dog has improved no end in the six weeks. She is calmer, walks on a loose lead at my pace and her recall is virtually instantaneous. I have just ordered three more pots." - Terence May

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Fantastic! - Within 2 days of giving my energetic 18 month old Irish Water Spaniels (2 brothers) their behavior changed. They listen and respond on the FIRST command! A few weeks later we now consistently have recall from our "wanderer" on the FIRST call. Our other, timid boy, is much less reactive to passer-bys and visitors at the door. Even our friends have noticed the change. I can't thank you enough!" - Linda J

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “As the owner of a very excitable spaniel my dog trainer recommended this product and after just a few weeks everyone in the family says they notice such a difference in her. It just takes the edge off her excitement and makes her easier to control. Would highly recommend.” - Patricia J

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Life-changing! Due to traumatic experiencesMy GSD was dangerously reactive. Calm k9 calmed her enough to respond to intensive training and behavioural work. Result…….a happy relaxed dog I enjoy owning” - Susan E

Is this dog supplement suitable for all breeds, ages and size of dog?

Yes! The only thing that effects the daily dosage of CALM-K9 is your dog’s size. See the chart below for more details.

My dog is on a special diet, can they still have this?

Yes! This works with any diet. The formula is Gluten Free and it’s designed to assist your dog’s gut -not upset it!

How do I give this supplement to my dog?

We’ve produced CALM-K9 as a powder supplement so it can easily be added to your dog’s daily food. Simply measure and mix! We love to spread ours on CALM-K9 mats for an extra calming boost.

Don’t forget the Dog Training!

To make sure your training is on the right track we send you a free training eBook with every pouch. We want you to have the BEST and QUICKEST chance of success and so we highly recommend adding training to your weekly routine. Our Ebook will give you some super simple, quick and easy ideas. By considering these pieces of the puzzle along with training, you can move closer to your dog's transformation potential!

So whether it’s your dream for your dog to be CALMER or LESS REACTIVE – try CALM-K9 today.

How much of the CALM-K9 supplement do I need to give my dog*?

*If your dog is on behaviour medications, epilepsy medications or other drugs that act on your dog's brain, consult your veterinarian before starting CALM-K9 use.

Dogs Weight 

Calm-K9 Measurement 

How Long Will A Pouch Last

Small dog, 0 - 10kg

½ Scoop

100 Days

Medium dog, 11 - 20kg

1 Scoop

50 Days

Large dog, 21 - 40kg

2 Scoops 

25 Days

Extra large dog, 41kg

2 ½ Scoops

20 Days

What's in Calm-K9?

Composition per 2g Scoop



Enterococcus Faecium Probiotic

3x10 11 CFU/kg

L-Glutamic Acid


Lemon Balm Extract





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