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    • There's a Case Study for that

      Castle overcame his debilitating condition with Calm-K9

      Castle's incredible story of a triumph over a condition which made his larynx collapse. Owner Sam said "I didn't know if he would be able to ever be off a lead with other dogs but he is hardly recognisable. I'm AMAZED! My dog is so happy because he is free to be himself "

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    • There’s a case study for that

      Karl achieved off-leash freedom!

      Owner, Lynn said “We are going through a unsettled time at the moment, we are moving and there are lots of different people in our house as well as cars, noises etc. it’s not easy but I would not like to think of how he would be without Calm-K9.”

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    • There’s a case study for that

      Bob overcame his anxiety and grief with the help of A-OK9

      Bob had started to compulsively lick one of his hind paws in a nervous way, and Troye likened it to a person biting their fingernails. Bob was taken to the Vet but nothing was found to be wrong with his paw.

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    • There’s a case study for that

      Mabel learned she didn’t need to get involved with every dog on her walk!

      Owner, Maria said “Such a big improvement already – I can tell that this is really going to facilitate her training and allow her to focus more! We will definitely be continuing”

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    • MJ
      Mrs J
      Verified Buyer


      This works!!

      I started giving this to my 18 month old Old English Sheepdog Martha, as her multiple anxieties were causing some major difficulties with her training. She is very excitable, pulls really hard on the lead, jumps at any loud noise and lunges at other dogs. While she has never been aggressive walks were not enjoyable at all and she needs a lot of exercise. So I did a lot of research and decided to give this a try. And it works. Not immediately, but I noticed that she was beginning to listen to me so I could reward good behaviour and so our training became much easier and rewarding. One month on and things are much improved. Walks are far more fun for both of us, she still gets excited when she meets another dog but the manic behaviour has gone and if I sit her down for a couple of minutes she settles down and we can continue. She has just had a clip with a new groomer who actually said she had been as good as gold and was ‘a gorgeous loving girl’, while Martha was happy and relaxed when I collected her. She has always found professional grooming sessions very traumatic up until now and OES need a lot of grooming! So I have bought another 3 months supply and I will certainly continue to use it in the future. Life is much improved both for me and my lovely dog.

    • gc
      gissele canaux
      Verified Buyer



      Have been using this product for a couples of months on my 9 years old border collie. She has a dysplasia on hrer right hip. With Flexi-K9, her hip does not seem to bother her, she runs, jumps agility obstacles, she is very active. My chiropractor saw the ingredients and said it was very good, so did my vet. I recommend it, specially for dogs that practice K9 sports.

    • CH
      Catherine. H
      Verified Buyer



      Calm, Prime and Flexi are brilliant. My dog looks great, moves well for a nearly 11 year old and is so much calmer. The Gleam towel is amazing and she loves the lickimat. On top of that, ordering is so easy and delivery is speedy. What more could you want? The A-OK9 Wellness Box is Fantastic!

    • SW
      Sharon W
      Verified Buyer



      Great products that are all palatable to my dogs. I have 2 busy lurchers who are both calmer on Calm-K9 and both love to drink Fresh-K9 to hydrate after a hot or active walk. One of them is a bit itchy so I use the Gleam K9 towel to wipe him over after every walk to reduce environmental allergens. The lick mats are part of their daily enrichment too. Just ordered Prime-K9 to try. Great service, speedy delivery.

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